Because of our environmental values, La Demeure Insoupçonnée has been awarded the Clef Verte label, the first certified sustainable tourism label for hotels, B&Bs and restaurants.

Our commitment to respecting nature

As an eco-responsible player in tourism, we strive to make your stay as enjoyable as possible while minimizing our ecological footprint.

By choosing our establishment, you’re opting for both enjoyment and an eco-responsible commitment.

We pledge to showcase our region’s unique heritage so that future generations can still enjoy the tourist and cultural attractions of our beautiful area.

La Demeure Insoupçonnée… a guest house… naturally

La Demeure Insoupçonnée is located in a privileged site for nature tourism and discovery: the Calanques National Park.

La Demeure Insoupçonnée works to limit the impact of its activities on the surrounding environment, offers eco-responsible practices, and promotes products and services that valorize local heritage.

July and Jean will inform you about all the benefits of the Calanques National Park. Comprehensive documentation is available to inform you about tourist sites to visit and essential hikes.

At La Demeure Insoupçonnée, a bed and breakfast in Cassis, we will introduce you to local specialties and inspire you to meet producers who will open their farms to you and share their expertise.

We have profound respect for nature and biodiversity. We have a birdhouse, an insect hotel, a butterfly house and a bat shelter.

La Demeure Insoupçonnée… a guest house… naturally

We support two associations that are particularly close to our hearts:

Adopte une ruche

By adopting a beehive, we’re helping to protect bees and develop colonies.

We help maintain French bee populations in our territory and support local, artisanal, and sustainable beekeeping.

While discovering the world of beekeeping, we share delicious French honey with you during breakfast.

Logo Adopte Une Ruche

Logo Clean My Calanques

Clean My Calanques

Clean my Calanques is a Marseille-based association founded in 2017, advocating for environmental preservation and aiming to raise awareness among the population about environmental issues, including organizing pollution cleanup sessions, educating the young about waste management, and sharing values.

Concrete actions at La Demeure Insoupçonnée towards environmental sobriety

Aware of our resources’ limits and the need to act for sustainable development, we have, since our founding in 2011, assessed our situation and reflected on our actions towards environmental sobriety.

At La Demeure Insoupçonnée, we are convinced of the necessity to quickly find a balanced relationship between the economy, ecology, and social responsibility. Our establishment commits to making future choices with sensitivity to all these points.

We conducted an internal audit of our establishment, analyzing our environmental performance in detail to identify improvement areas. We established an action plan that allowed us to successfully implement the following actions:


  • Use of LED and low-consumption bulbs for interior and exterior lighting
  • Heating through heat pumps and supplementary solar energy
  • Continuous control of heating and air conditioning
  • All our windows are equipped with double glazing
  • Monthly monitoring of our energy consumption and implementing effective means to limit it


  • Use of flow reducers and aerators on faucets and showers
  • Dual-flush toilets throughout the establishment
  • Rainwater harvesting for watering green spaces
  • Monthly monitoring of our water consumption and implementing effective means to limit it


  • Implementation of an individual breakfast system to limit food waste
  • Rationalized purchases, focusing on French, local, fair trade, or organic products
  • Many homemade products by July (jams, cakes, natural or fruit yogurts, fruit salad…)

Guest Products and Consumables

  • Replacing bottles of welcome products with refillable dispensers.
  • Local and onsite microfiltered water available in each room (to avoid plastic bottles)
  • Our toilet paper is Ecolabel
  • Notices in bathrooms to reduce towel washing

Cleaning of Rooms and Common Areas

  • All our cleaning products carry an ecological label or certification
  • Centralized vacuuming to significantly reduce fine particles released into the air


  • We limit documents available in rooms through our mobile app, which is a wealth of information
  • Availability of laminated hiking maps for scanning/digitization onsite


  • Implementation of selective waste sorting for guests: glass, plastic/cardboard/newspapers, household waste, batteries
  • All hazardous waste is securely managed and appropriately handled by Jean


  • Selection of locally adapted plants with reasoned watering and organic fertilizers