We hope to be allowed to greet you may it be as a couple, with family or amongst friends with all the necessary precautions needed for a peaceful stay.

Albeit the fact that la Demeure Insoupçonnée finds itself at the brink of pastoral hiking trails, it is paramount to us that you can feel at home and secure while there.

We will apply a strict cleaning and disinfecting protocol between each room change in order to ensure an optimal sense of security.

Although cleanliness in our Bed&Breakfast and our common rooms is already deeply appreciated by our guests, we will reenforce cleaning and disinfection habits in accord to sanitary recommendations.

Cleaning becomes disinfecting!

The bedding will be washed at high temperatures. Your rooms will be disinfected from top to bottom and in reverse (I know, it might sound technical but it can be easily done and is important to us).

Cleaning will consist in using soap or detergent but disinfection, on the other hand, consists in using virucidal products compatible to norm EN 14476, essential in eliminating this « mean » virus!

We will, for our part, be in Ninja attire, equipped with masks and we will frequently wash our hands in between every activity. We will ventilate the room before, during and after cleaning to ensure air circulation.

Upon your arrival, you will find soap, hydroalcoholic gel, tissues as well as towels at your convenience (the towels will be washed at 95°C).

The little bonus that becomes our greatest : our central vacuum in each room. By this, not one particle will be rejected in the air, ensuring a pure air!

All our cleaning gear will be cleaned after every use (although we already did that!).Same for our washing machine, a little baking soda between each use. It’s actually great for your machines lifespan and for disinfection!

We will also double our vigilance towards our drapes and all the fabrics.

But how will we manage with such a large surface, you most certainly ask yourselves?

Well lo and behold, this is where our vapor cleaner comes in handy.!Vapor comes out this magnificent device at other 100°C, safe to say nothing resists it ! Cherry on top, it works the same for our mattresses and pillows!

It goes without saying that we will have a minute attention for our light switches, door handles, remote controls, keys and tutti quanti!

In order to limit access into the rooms, we will not proceed with the « rebedding » (cleaning of your room, making your bed, folding or changing bath towels…). We will give you towels, greeting products (coffee, tea) on demand. We ask of you that you ventilate your room several hors per day and to take out the trash daily. Together, we thrive!

Concerning the outdoor area, Jean will be in charge of the pool with a chlorine content just a tad superior to the norm, just enough. We still have your hair dye in mind, Ladies, since we all went to the hairdresser’s to have our highlights done. It would be a pity to end up with green hair!He will also be in charge of the poolside furniture, the garden room (long live vapor cleansing), the fitness room, the bowling grounds and the ping-pong table.

Goodness me, restoration, it almost slipped my mind!

When you’ll emerge from slumber, you shall find a nice breakfast gift basket to taste on your private terrace.

You’ll even be able to get delivery of your delicious meal to La Demeure Insoupçonnée until restaurants remain closed and even after that I was told ! All is arranged.

Just foresee the weight you may gain in regard to our excellent chefs from Cassis and our breakfast baskets! Yummy!

We will ask that you respect social distancing of 1m50 minimum between you, us and the other guests of the B&B. The safety of all is the responsibility of each of us ! And if ever you are an adept of close quarters, then put a mask on!

Simple! Basic! ♫ ♪ ♫ (in reference to a popular French rap song!)

Concerning hugs and kisses…that inevitably happen at the moment of farewell (just like the northern Ch’ti) ! We give you the « foot-shake » : we trained vigorously!

Other measures may be implemented according to official sanitary recommendations to come.

The only thing we will not be in capacity (yet) to provide is the masks! Here lies the biggest national dilemma, we all understood that. Since even making a hem is a challenge to me, I cannot guarantee my ability to make masks and will ask you to come with your own (necessary to have them when we welcome you to show how things work).

Be prepared! The contest for « Most Beautiful Mask » 2020 is now open!If you wish, a photo will be taken upon your arrival (don’t hesitate asking us and we will gladly take your picture) and you will be part of the potential winners to a holiday at our B&B!

One thing we can assure you about is the fact that we will do everything in our power to guarantee a successful holiday in the right conditions. Shop owners, restaurants, the office for tourism, the Town Hall of Cassis and all the other actors have taken all the necessary measures to ensure a beautiful and peaceful post-crisis season.

We wait for you, impatiently and we are ready!

La Demeure Insoupçonnée is a privileged destination near the Calanques, in Cassis, where you will be able to make the most of your vacation, in peace and with the necessary mindset.

Being an actor of tourism is taking pleasure in hosting. Today, this notion is true more than ever to guarantee a most agreeable holiday!

We thank you for the trust you give us. See you very soon and take care!

Yours faithfully (foot-shake),

July and Jean